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Cesar Axel on "Space Invasion" at Fabienne Levy Art Gallery

The young Mexican artist exhibited along other students of Swiss visual art schools at the gallery based in Lausanne.

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Starting July 17, Fabienne Levy Art Gallery in Lausanne has opened a new exhibition titled "Space Invasion". The exhibition, which will run until September 4th, showcases the works of visual art students from different schools in the French part of Switzerland.  

The title, springs from the idea of allowing the young artists to invade the gallery space with their works, based on a predefined theme. For this first season of the project, the theme centers around a quote of Frank Oppenheimer: “Scientists and artists are the world’s noticers. Their job is simply to notice what other people cannot”.

Giving the space to students backs up the gallery's stance that culture must be open to all. Additionally it gives the students the possibility to become familiar with an exhibition space and to learn how to explain their work to the public. The sale is completely taken care of by the students. "Galleries serve as bridges between young artists and the public" says Fabienne.

The participant artists are: David Amaral, César Axel, Sofia Fresey Angelopoulou, Sylvain Gelewski, YoonJae Lee, Gian Losinger, Viola Poli, Julie Ryser and Emma Rssx.

Exhibition view. Courtesy of Fabienne Levy. 

César Axel, was born in 1992 in Mexico, he is currently studying a Master Degree in Fine Arts at ECAL. His piece "You're Already a Cyborg" is a mirror that compels the viewer to take a picture, an impromptu photo, allowing them to keep a portrait of themselves as a souvenir.
This piece of art reflects on the smartphone as it is part of a long history of human made tools that have significantly changed our lives. However, unlike tools of the past, the smartphone enables the internet to act as an extension of the psyche: not only does reality become mediated through invisible systems, but dynamics become enabled by the device and are now of second nature. The surface becomes a window that reveals the smartphone as the first invisible step we took towards becoming a cyborg. It invites us to speculate on how we can navigate the overwhelming reality of the contemporary condition and imagine better futures.

Cesa Axel. You’re Already a Cyborg, 2020. Vinyl lettering on mirror with aluminium frame 80x80cm.
Exhibition view. Courtesy of Fabienne Levy. 

Exhibition view. Courtesy of Fabienne Levy. 

Exhibition view. Courtesy of Fabienne Levy. 
Exhibition view. Courtesy of Fabienne Levy. 
Exhibition view. Courtesy of Fabienne Levy. 

All image credits to Neige Sanchez.

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