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Joiri Minaya
Mango, Recetas del Caribe

"Spanish is a very binary language, many words end in an A letter (having feminine associations) or an O, (having masculine associations).  Some words exist in both versions. The word for fruit in Spanish when used with it’s masculine ending, FRUTO, is used in a neutral, general, botanical sense, pointing to the fruit of any plant, whereas FRUTA, feminine, is usually used to refer to those fruits for human consumption. “Exotic” fruits were so classified by people who thought of themselves as being in the center of the world, everything else being periphery and therefore places to be discovered, explored, exploited, dominated, and over which to fantasize." Full text here.

Lucia Koch
Air temperature (angeleno), 2016

Air Temperature is a body of work using mathematical equations to reproduce various sunsets she has seen around the world in cities such as Porto Alegre, São Paulo, and Nagoya to name a few. The curtains transform a natural environment into an industrial aesthetic practice cataloguing her sunset archive. Full text here.

Martine Gutierrez
Body en thrall, p120 from Indigenous Woman, 2018

“Society perpetuates rigid constructs—fabricated dichotomies like 'male' vs. 'female', 'gay' vs. 'straight', 'minority' vs. 'white', 'reality' vs. 'fantasy', 'dominate' vs. 'submissive', etc.,” Gutierrez says. “But our interpretation of these constructs is subjective and not immutable. Reality, like gender, is ambiguous because it exists fluidly.” Full text here.

Laura Vinci
No Ar, 2009/2017

"When I went to Australia for the second time, in 2004, I saw a cold vaporization system that I wanted to use in my work. I did not use it only in one work, but in several: Cuenca, Lisboa, Padua and São Paulo. The system is very simple: small spray nozzles, operating at high pressure, are driven by a pump that makes the water come out with such force that its drops gain an unusual characteristic, staying between the gaseous state and the liquid." More about the artist here.

Kenny Lemes
Untitled, from the series Venus Perversa, 2019

“There is a bordering place in societies, fertile and germinal, where some groups pull the idea of ​​themselves that they carry culturally stuck to their bodies and distort it, like an image printed on a stretched nylon, or a glitch on a computer. These minorities are born and are on the edge of hegemony and pervert the idea of ​​a certain original Venus, the goddess of beauty and love, of nature, mother of a blind Cupid. (…)
It's easy to take photos of them at parties, but portraying them at home is a very rare and special phenomenon. Their intimacy is almost as chaotic as their viral reflex: dysfunctional family, the black sheep, the weird child. The dirty bathroom, the bed never made, hopelessness and instability. And still: beautiful, great appearances. Show in spite of everything. Building new beauty from the broken Venus seems to be a place of strength: ignoring the flowers for a moment, looking at the putrid water and talking about the thousand palettes of green that bacteria vibrate inside the vases. ” Full text here


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