Latin American Contemporary Art
Marco Rountree: Hipocampo

A digital journey into the on-going exhibition at Museo del Chopo, temporarily closed due to coronavirus.

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This constellation of objects seeks to break, with wild profusion, the ordered surfaces of the museum's walls and tame, from all planes, the things that have lived here. The work is an exercise in both registration and reconstruction, in which the creatures and objects that have shaped this space are together narrating times, places and common meanings. The mobile, in addition to its kinetic quality, also animates the empty space of the interstices that separate all these entities from each other, revealing a larger and more varied architecture, where what transgresses the limits of the imagination is precisely free association, the unusual juxtaposition and sudden proximity of things that have no apparent relation. The mere exercise of listing and hanging them all together has in itself a power of enchantment of its own, and contains universal precision.

Translated from O.V. in Spanish

Playlist of the exhibition courtesy of the artist
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