Latin American Contemporary Art
The world is not like us, it was imposed, we try to transform it

An exhibition on view from September 11th to October 15th.

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The Munich based Gallery Britta Rettberg presents a show including the work of four artists based in Mexico city and one artist living in Vienna:  

Miguel Calderón (b. in 1971, lives and works in Mexico City)
Karla Kaplun (b. in 1993, lives and works in Mexico City)
Sarah Minter (1953-2016, lived and worked in Mexico City)
Berenice Olmedo (b. in 1987, lives and works in Mexico City)
Lucia Elena Průša (b. in 1985, lives and works in Vienna)

The exhibition is curated by Swiss curator and writer Anna Goetz, currently also living in Mexico City. Goetz has a special interest in artistic strategies that challenge governing societal hierarchies, narratives, and structures. Currently, she is  researching on conceptual, collective, and participatory practices in Mexico during the 70s–80s.

The title of the exhibition "The world is not like us, it was imposed, we try to transform it" is taken from a line said by a protagonist of Nadie es Inocente [No One is Innocent] (1987) a piece by Sarah Minter (1953–2016). Minter is a pioneer of Mexican video art and experimental film, known for her portraits of marginalized individuals and groups in Mexico. Her empathic depictions are a critique of social inequality in Mexico, a persisting consequence of the country’s colonial history, the effects of which are still felt in Mexican society and the societies of other former colonies.

The works presented in the group exhibition deal with the violent imposition—and resistance against— Western constructs of identity, values, and development, which are shown to be the means by which hierarchies are established and reproduced.

The exhibition presents drawings, sculptures, videos, photographs, and installations by five international artists of various generations, in which the body is used as a medium of resistance. The validity of patriarchal and modern concepts is called into question. The compulsion to adapt and subject oneself to these ideas is revealed as a process of physical and psychological violence. The bodies and their subjects struggle against these imposed patterns and ideals, bearing signs of the force used against them.

Sarah Minter.Minueto (Minuet), 2010-2014. Courtesy Emiliano Rocha Minter.
Berenice Olmedo. from the series héxis, 2019. Photo: Ramiro Chaves
Lucia Elena Průša. Acknowledge that silence won’t protect you., 2019. Photo: HYPERLINK.
Karla Kaplun. Praying Arlequinos I, II, III from the series Acróbata Forze, 2020. Courtesy of the artist and Lodos, Mexico City.
Miguel Calderón. Socavón (Sinkhole), 2020. Courtesy of the artist and kurimanzutto, Mexico City.
Miguel Calderón. from the series Marking Territory, 1996. Courtesy of the artist and kurimanzutto, Mexico City.
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